Who we are

Copritex since 1958

  • Tradition

    Leomaster was started in 1991, founding its roots in the tradition and expertise of Capritex, a company formed in 1958, renowned for the production of fine fabrics for men's clothing. In 2007 Nalya was born, a company dedicated to the creation of fabrics for women's clothing.

  • Creativity

    We believe in the importance of details: the meters of fabric that run on the frame are the result of the search for a microscopic balance between different materials and colours, weft and warp.

  • Quality

    We use an internal production, warping and weaving system, which allows us to follow our product throughout the creative process.

  • Passion

    We allow ourselves to be passionate about the collection, coordinating the knowledge of ancient craftsmanship with new technologies, born and raised on the banks of the Bisenzio.

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